Welcome to my blog, dear visitor. I’m so glad you dropped by!

I am a German self-taught and self-representing artist, living in the beautiful city of Hanover. I have created art ever since early childhood and I enjoy painting and drawing in all sorts of mediums. I like mixed media arts but I also focus on work in acrylic on canvas. It’s my passion to put a blank canvas to life as I brush the canvas with deep colour. Besides I also like to sew, knit and do handicrafts...
Another one of my passions is art journalling. I love to put feelings, special situations or thoughts on paper to make them last. It's a way to honor my life and also to process what I am thinking and what is happening to me in this crazy theatre called life.

Since I am a self-taught artist and never had any formal training, I have no boundaries. I like to do or paint whatever I am feeling like at that moment. And inspiration is everywhere. I haven’t found my own signature in art yet, but I am looking forward to see it develop as I continue working on my projects.

I hope this has opened up a little window for you into my world. I am not a professional painter, who takes days to think about a piece planning and contemplating. It is just me bookworm, metal-head, public server, coffee lover, amateur archer and chocoholic painting from my heart. And I pour a little bit of my soul into every piece of art which I produce.

Thanks for visiting The Life and Art of Mandel :)